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SilvergrainClassics # 22 SilvergrainClassics # 22
  • In a strange land: a foreigner’s view of a culture can be particularly insightful. We have an American in Burma, an Indian in the USA, a Celt’s travels in search of local flavors, and a Japanese man who travels in both time and space.
  • New film cameras! We have insights from Pentax, and a Widelux update from Jeff Bridges & Co.
  • Meaningful portraits, whether of people or landscapes, are made through a dialog with the subject. Portfolio artist Frederick-Edwin Bertin, master printer Bruce Barnbaum, and contributor Murray White all tackle this subject.
  • What REALLY happens to films in airport scanners?? Lina Bessonova has done a methodical test, and we’ve printed it exactingly so you can judge for yourself.
  • Scanning connects the analog and digital worlds, but unless you optimize your workflow you can’t get optimal results. We show you how
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SilvergrainClassics # 21 SilvergrainClassics # 21
  • Steve McCurry tells us the stories behind his iconic images on ten pages
  • New Color Films Harman Phoenix Test Results
  • Poor Things’ DoP Robbie Ryan on using Ektachrome, Petzval, and VistaVision for a film which is making the awards circuits
  • HassyPB Instax back for Hasselblad is a useful tool in various situations
  • A master printer’s Magnum Opus on Kickstarter? Bruce Barnbaum’s Discoveries of a Lifetime is looking for collaborators
  • Portfolios from Japan, China, Australia, and the USA, the story of the Super Constellation shoot, many decades in the making
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SilvergrainClassics # 20 SilvergrainClassics # 20
  • Entrepreneur or vulture capitalist? Which film photography companies to support, and why.
  • Widelux Revival Project Update: behind the scenes, how we got where we are, and where we plan to go.
  • The great Ray MacSavaney and his large format portraits of plant life: insights into photography, life, and change.
  • Bigheadtaco’s Take Kayo documents Hong Kong’s iconic neon signs on cinefilm.
  • 100 years of 16mm: looking into the future of cinefilm with a successful producer/director and a university professor.
  • Seeing in black & white: Bruce Barnbaum explains clearly how to visualize the scene in front of you, and how filters will change it.
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SilvergrainClassics # 19 SilvergrainClassics # 19
  • A new panoramic film camera! SGC in cooperation with Jeff & Susan Bridges
  • Panoramic Portfolios: Bridges, Briski, Bollen, Melin
  • What’s so special about a Widelux? Unique mechanism and artistic possibilities
  • ADOX D76 developer tested: how does it compare to the original?
  • The return of Cibachrome?! Sadly, no. But a special RA4 printing process comes close.
  • The legacy of film carried into the future: a 19-year-old uses a 50-year-old cinecamera, the golden era of transatlantic crossings authentically recreated, and many more tips, techniques, and inspiring portfolios from around the world!
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SilvergrainClassics # 18 SilvergrainClassics # 18
  • Alberto Venzago, inside forbidden worlds: the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia), and Voodoo
  • Jeff Bridges shares thoughts on panoramic photography, creativity, and his latest exhibition
  • How to build an inexpensive and effective mobile darkroom that can be stored flat
  • Olympus: the PEN series combines a compact half-frame format with full SLR capabilities
  • Maitani & Olympus’ glory years: 1st-hand stories from a contemporary employee
  • Testing various papers and techniques for hand-coloring prints with oil paints
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SilvergrainClassics # 17 SilvergrainClassics # 17
  • Leica’s renewed commitment to film: we tried out the new M6, spoke to the photographers who tested it pre-launch, and to Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, CEO and owner of Leica
  • Michael Friedel: nearly 7 decades of storytelling, in both incredible imagery and wonderful words
  • Composition: taking a closer look at an important topic with master photographers/printers Bruce Barnbaum & Andrew Sanderson
  • Testing new prototype color developer tablets from Tetenal: why we are excited about them
  • International portfolios, including portraits of Indonesian islanders cut off from the outside world, shot by Anton Ivanov, a man who has voluntarily cut himself off from his home in Russia
  • Stories from the worldwide film community including a photo lab in Paris that can only be found if you know it’s there (no, it’s not in the world of Harry Potter)
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SilvergrainClassics # 16 SilvergrainClassics # 16
  • Celebrating Mick Rock’s portraits, from Queen to Bowie to Rocky Horror
  • Exploring a Leica M3’s inner workings and a rare LEICAFLEX SL2 Motor
  • How to choose a portfolio of images for exhibition or critique
  • Tips for the Intrepid enlarger from handbook author Christopher Osborne
  • Using real filters: colored glass makes the difference, not AI beauty
  • Portfolios from around the world: Australia, Belgium, Japan, UK, USA, and Ukraine
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SilvergrainClassics # 15 SilvergrainClassics # 15
  • David Burnett & Steve Cham: two generations of film photographers documenting today’s world, plus our usual, eclectic mix of portfolios from around the world
  • New Color Films! We road tested Kodak’s Gold 120 and ADOX Color Mission with surprising results
  • Susan Bridges: published for the first time, photos and stories behind the scenes of Heaven’s Gate
  • Tools & Techniques: a personal perspective on darkroom vs. scanning by Doug Richardson, and a new look at zoom lenses
  • Inspiration for creative photography: Andrew Sanderson explains the importance of play, and a practical guide to redscale photography
  • The New 16mm Generation! YouTuber Brae Hunziker, SilvergrainAcademy students, and book reviews for analog filmmakers
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SilvergrainClassics # 14 SilvergrainClassics # 14
  • Vincent Peters’ celebrity portraits on film, fresh & timeless
  • Instant Photography! 50 Years Polaroid SX70 & LomoGraflok Instax back
  • The “Cinematic Look” and how to get it in both cinematography and still photography
  • Master Printers talk developers — 510 Pyro test, and controlling high contrast with HC110/L110
  • In-depth comparison of current negative scanning software solutions
  • Portfolios from around the world: Polaroid, large format, infrared, and classic B&W
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SilvergrainClassics # 13 SilvergrainClassics # 13
  • Artists Norbert Rosing & Beth Moon show us the beauty of our world from the Arctic to Madagascar
  • An in-depth, fact-based look at today’s film prices in perspective
  • Practical tips for reducing your film photography’s environmental impact
  • Two articles on Minox: its fascinating history, and an amusing gear-in-a-story article from Marwan El Mozayen
  • Two articles to get you started with new gear in the new year: Large Format and 16mm Motion Picture
  • Plus international portfolios, a book review, the Fuji Wide 60, Bruce Barnbaum’s book plans, and Paul McKay of Analogue Wonderland
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SilvergrainClassics # 12 SilvergrainClassics # 12
  • International portfolios from today’s film photographers, young and old, known and unknown, Cowboy and Navajo
  • Ensuring the survival of film: photography workshops, saving old cameras, supporting new gear, and trying new-to-you techniques like photographing strangers or using contact sheets
  • Stanley Kubrick, photographer: an intrinsic sense of composition, as seen in LOOK magazine, 1948
  • Gear old and new: the incredible Metz flash systems, and the VALOI 360 film holder
  • Edward Weston’s descendants carry on the photography tradition on Wildcat Hill and beyond
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SilvergrainClassics # 11 SilvergrainClassics # 11
  • Susan Burnstine: an enigmatic and unique vision
  • Meyer-Görlitz: testing new retro lenses based on old favorites
  • Zana Briski: the most awarded photographer you have never heard of
  • Your Own Emulsion: truly unique prints with ADOX Polywarmtone
  • Female Focus: international views of women in film
  • Portfolios from Trinidad and Tobago, UK, and USA
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SilvergrainClassics # 10 SilvergrainClassics # 10
  • Helmut Newton & Yva: “Dancing on the Volcano” in the Weimar Republic
  • Cameras of the 80s: a decade that changed gear forever
  • Loading Your Own Film from Bulk: does it make sense?
  • Authentic Vintage Photography: “how to” for marketing or personal work
  • Portfolios from Asia, Australia, Ukraine, and USA
  • Polaroid Super8? Revisiting an instant failure on a modern project
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SilvergrainClassics # 9 SilvergrainClassics # 9
  • ‘Zines! How to make the most of your photo project, even on a budget
  • Mini Light Meter: a convincing, tried and true model you may not know yet
  • Portfolios from Azerbaijan, USA, Albania, Germany, and Sweden
  • Gen Z and slide film: start your projectors, ready, go!
  • Hand Coloring B&W prints, tips from master Andrew Sanderson
  • The Importance of Subject Matter, thoughts from master Bruce Barnbaum
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SilvergrainClassics # 8 SilvergrainClassics # 8
  • Exclusive Interview: Jeff Bridges “The Dude” shares his thoughts on panoramic photography and his wide field of endeavors
  • Right for you? Photo processors, and the new ADOX CHS 100 ii 35mm film
  • Today’s documentary photography: pandemic, protests, and the everyday world around you
  • Portfolios from Germany, Japan, Canada, and the USA
  • Swing lens camera review: Widelux, Noblex, & Horizon
  • Master Bruce Barnbaum’s thoughts on advancing from “taking pictures” to “making photographs”
€14.90 *
SilvergrainClassics # 7 SilvergrainClassics # 7
  • Unique Portfolios: Gorgeously Shabby German Polaroids, California Underwater, Women in Asia, Ethnic Healing Hands, Expressively Empty Architecture
  • Silbersalz35, Cinema Film For 35mm Stills, a Practical Test
  • Tim Rudman: Lith Printing with the Master
  • Leica R4-7, and the “Texas Leica” Fuji GW690 III
  • Photography at Home with Andrew Sanderson & Bruce Barnbaum, and Cyanotype Ideas for the Whole Family
  • Film Photography / Art Therapy
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SilvergrainClassics # 6 SilvergrainClassics # 6
  • Akira Murata’s prints on traditional Japanese Washi paper
  • Bruce Barnbaum’s thoughts on photographing “Worlds Within Reach,” or interesting takes on the Leica R System and the new pixl-latr digitization assistant
  • Ansel Adams and Edward Weston: Unusual, interconnected series of articles about iconic photographers and their lasting legacies
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PhotoKlassik Int. 4/2019 (# 5) PhotoKlassik Int. 4/2019 (# 5)
  • Thomas Kretshcel’s Last Rolls of Kodachrome in Venice
  • Review: A New Instax Back for Medium Format
  • Fine Art Photography Galleries: Collecting and Getting Represented
  • International Portfolios from Germany, USA, South Africa, Japan, Russia
  • Minolta 9000 History and Review
  • Toning with Ilford Master Printer Andrew Sanderson
  • Bruce Barnbaum: Understanding Light
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PhotoKlassik Int. 3/2019 (# 4) PhotoKlassik Int. 3/2019 (# 4)
  • Jan Schlegel’s Silver and Platinum Prints
  • Wedding Photography on Film
  • Gear Acquisition Syndrome (Do You Really Want to Be Cured?)
  • International Portfolios from USA, Germany, UK, Russia, Israel
  • Super8 Camera Guide
  • Community Darkrooms Around the World
  • High-End Scanners
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PhotoKlassik Int. 2/2019 (# 3) PhotoKlassik Int. 2/2019 (# 3)
  • Featured Artist Christopher Burkett on Cibachrome
  • Hasselblad, Zeiss, Kodak, and NASA: Moon Landing 50th Anniversary
  • New Lenses on Old Cameras
  • Enlarger Basics, a Buyers’ Guide
  • International Portfolios from China, Poland, USA, Italy, UK, Germany
  • Studio Light Metering, How-Tos
  • Hollywood’s Love Affair with Celluloid
€14.90 *
PhotoKlassik Int. 1/2019 (# 2) PhotoKlassik Int. 1/2019 (# 2)
  • Featured Artist Manuello Paganelli
  • Ektachrome Interview and Test
  • Kiev-88 Gear-Talk
  • Adventures in Pinhole Photography
  • International Portfolios from UK, Austria, Belgium, Ukraine, and South Africa
  • Surf, Skate, and Film
  • George Eastman, the Original Influencer
  • How (and Why) to Analyze Pictures
€14.90 *
Special 1st Edition (# 1) Special 1st Edition (# 1)
  • 130-page Special Edition
  • Featured Artist Bruce Barnbaum
  • A History of Rangefinder Cameras
  • International Portfolios from USA, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and Kuwait
  • TLRs: Seagull, Flexaret, Yashica-Mat, and Minolta Autocord
  • Polaroid Photography, a Diverse World
  • E-6 Development
  • Street Photography on Film Today
  • Introduction to Light Metering
€9.90 *